Market Discovery

Hundreds of thousands of images and videos are uploaded to the web every minute through Social Media. The market discovery tool helps organizations to discover the hidden insights behind all this data. The tool tells you what type of content is popular among your competitors and audiences and it exposes trends before they happen. Below we will walk you through four powerful applications of the tool.

Competitor tracking

Discover the Social Media content published by your competitors to understand how your brand is differentiating from the industry and what generates the most traction for your brand versus the competition.

Compare how your brand is differentiating from others.

Find new opportunities

Get a data driven overview of what your competition is doing versus your brand. In addition, you get insights into how your audience responds to the same visual elements per brand. Ideal for measuring brand associations in your industry.

Discovery which video and image objects are used the most by competitors.

Expose trends before they happen

The Market Discovery tool leverages data from social media to predict which image, video and text trends are emerging and which have reached their peak. We track all the topics and themes that your audience engages with to identify and expose growing trends before they happen.

Be in the know, before everyone else.

Find out which image objects are engaging in the industry, but aren’t used a lot.

If you want to play with the Market Discovery tool yourself, you can contact us and we will walk you through the tool in 10-15 minutes. 

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