We know what moves the internet culture

We are a new, out-of-the-box agency that's social and data-driven by nature. We know what the internet culture likes; what they talk about and how they use Social Media. We help brands to understand this culture and connect with it.  We believe that by bringing the worlds of brands and the internet closer to each other, there will be a better synergy between supply and demand.


Meet the Squaremoon team;

Jan Soepboer

Jan analyzes and transforms data into art at Squaremoon. He made his start as a social data analyst in 2013 and co-founded Squaremoon in 2018. He loves the internet but above all, he loves to sell you holidays to Schiermonnikoog.


Nick Kuiper

Nick is Squaremoon’s whizzkid who can develop everything you want. The more challenging the question, the happier he gets. When not analyzing or developing new tools, he likes to race on the racetracks.