Content Analyzer

The Content Analyzer allows organizations to predict the performance of their advertisements before spending any budget. The Content Analyzer extracts thousands of data points from your image or video and recognizes which patterns are likely to improve performance. Objects, colors, image styles, emotions, lightning, sizes and angles – these are some of the data points collected by the tool.

Predict results of all your assets

The tool runs completely in the cloud and uses advanced deep learning networks. The rapid speed of the tool allows you to analyze hundreds of ads in only a couple of minutes. This makes the tool ideal for analyzing entire ad accounts, dynamic feeds or image libraries.

Get instant reviews on your content.

Ads of competitors

You want to know which of your competitor’s ads are performing the best? With the Content Analyzer you’re able to scan ads from your competitors to discover what works and what doesn’t work for them. The tool also has an integrated library with ads from a broad selection of industries, making it even easier to analyse your competition.

Finding the best ads in your industry.

Image templates

Are you using templates to enrich the images from your feed? Then the content analyzer helps you to analyze different versions of your templates in order to find the most promising ones. In addition, the tool helps you to better understand which parts of your image are more engaging than other parts.

While this example only describes image templates, note that any social media posting can be analyzed this way. For example: a Facebook post, a PR article on a news site, thumbnails for YouTube or even offline magazines and billboards.

The engaging parts of your image templates.

If you want to test and play with the Content Analyzer yourself, you can contact us and we will walk you through the tool in 10-15 minutes. 

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