Best colors to advertise cars on social media

Automotive industry

The automotive industry is one of the most challenging industries for marketers nowadays. It’s an industry that is heavily being disrupted by new tech-companies. Therefore, the brands that know what their customers really care about are the ones that thrive.

The challenge

Automotive organizations are facing a great challenge. There is an exponential growth of car-related content on Social Media, which is making it extremely hard to stand out as a car brand. To attract attention, marketeers need to understand what really catches the consumer’s eye.

The solution

  • Mined data from 15 different markets across Europe, the United States and South America.
  • Used color and object recognition to analyze more than 250.000 social media posts.
  • Used machine learning to measure the influence of colors, objects, and image style based on the client their primary KPI.

The result

  • Spotted +/- 30 significant trends in colors, objects and image style.
  • Prioritized the trends based on the primary KPI.
  • Created interactive dashboards in which trends and anomalies are visualized in real time.
  • Market insights led to data-driven business decisions.
  • Performance improved significantly.

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