Anticipating on comments of advertisements

Automotive industry

The voice of the customer has a lot of power in the automotive industry. What your customer says about their experience with your brand, directly has an impact on the success or failure of your business. Therefore, the brands that succeed in monitoring and anticipating on the dialogue of their customers, will be the ones to thrive.

The challenge

Each year automotive companies receive millions of comments on social media. Understanding what these comments are about is one of the biggest challenges automotive companies are facing at this moment. Because of the huge amount of comments, we need the help of machines to understand what the dialogue is about.

The solution

  • Mined comment data of more than 30 big automotive brands.
  • Used machine learning to do sentiment and topic analysis on more than 5 million comments.
  • Used machine learning to detect the topics communities are discussing that brands don’t cover yet.

The result

  • Spotted more than 20 dominant topics in the comments.
  • Discovered several topics discussed by communities that brands don’t cover yet.
  • Creating content about these topics improved results significantly.

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