April 16, 2019

Which Brand is Posting the Most on Instagram Stories?

Over the past year, we have been monitoring the behavior of different industries on Instagram Stories placement. One of these industries is the automotive industry, which is one of the most active industries on Instagram. In this blog, we’re going to show what we’ve learned so far.

Which brand is posting most of the stories?

It’s interesting to see that about 40% of the car brands are producing 80% of all the Instagram stories. Number one is by far @mercedesbenz and number two presents two luxury car brands @porsche and @lamborghini. These brands together posted more than 800 Instagram stories in two months which is an average of +/- 5 Stories per day. Car brands that posted the least are @volkswagen, @teslamotors and @jeep.

Is the amount of stories per day increasing for these brands?

We also looked into how much automotive brands have used Instagram Stories in total over time. We found, there were a couple of days on which the activity on Instagram Stories was significantly higher than normally.

The busiest period (with the highest amount of posts) was between the 4th and 7th of March. A qualitative check showed a big car release show in Geneva that time. This explains the high activity those days.

What time do car brands post the most on Instagram stories?

Thirdly, we looked into the busiest hours on Instagram Stories. It’s interesting that from an AMS time perspective, most Stories are published between 16:00 and 20:00. During our night times, car brands are almost inactive. It seems, the most valuable audiences for car brands live in the European time zone.

What type of content are car brands pushing to Instagram stories?

Which brings us to the fourth and last insight of this blog. It is related to the type of content car brands are pushing to Instagram stories. It was shown that the amount of static and video stories is almost completely in balance with each other. I.e. car brands post just as much video as static content.

We have to mention, there are a couple of brands that don’t follow this rule. For example, @ferrari, @alfaromeo and @honda only post video content, whereas @lexus and @abarth mostly post static content.

We can conclude, there are a lot of perspectives when looking at data. There are quite some interesting ones left, which we will reserve for a second blog. Teaser: there will be several insights related to objects and colors that brands use in the Stories!