May 29, 2020

The News in the Past 90 Days (in Images)

The news industry is getting a significant amount of attention on Social media these days. Not only are newspapers getting more engagement, but they also post a lot more than before. With our Market Discovery tool we grabbed the most used imagery news organizations used in the past months.

5 trending image objects

Looking at the most used image objects, our tool shows that there was obviously a lot of imagery about healthcare. However, the news industry was posting even more about these 5 trending subjects:

1. Downtown imagery

First of all, there was an enormous uplift in the Downtown imagery. This was mainly due to the high amount of pictures of empty streets, warning signs and closed shopping malls throughout the big cities on Social Media. Normally, the news industry already posts a lot of imagery about cities, but during the crisis this image subject reached new records.

Empty streets, warning signs and closed shopping malls 🌆

2. Stage equipment imagery

Secondly, there was a big uplift in imagery of Stage equipment. This was mainly related to the press conferences that took place in the past months globally. After the Downtown imagery, this was the second most used image subject.

Press conferences throughout the world 👩‍💼👨‍💼

3. Airplane imagery

On the third place of most used image subjects we find Airplane imagery. Reason for the high amount of images of airlines had to do with all the parked airplanes that couldn’t fly due to the Corona situation. Also, there was a lot of imagery of the airlines that went bankrupt in the past months (see: Flybe, Virgin Australia). In an earlier blog we wrote more about the Air Travel situation. 

Parked airplanes due to the Corona situation ✈️

4. Car window imagery

Fourthly, there was a lot of imagery of people hanging out of their car window. This had to do with the situation at the country borders and the pick up services that were having lots of traffic during the lockdown period.

Border control and pick up services 🚗

5. Macro photography

On the fifth place of most used image object/styles in the past months we find Macro photography. Macro photography is extreme close-up photography, which is a technique that the news industry uses to show us the virus that is keeping us at home.

A close-up of the virus that is keeping us at home 🦠

5 unusual trending image objects

In our analysis, we also spotted some interesting insights among the trending image objects. Below we will walk you through the 5 most unusual trends we saw:

1. Piggy Banks imagery

Uncertain times are ahead of us, so a lot of news organizations started to post about topics such as Mortgage, Interest rates and Debts. Along with these posts, they used a lot of imagery of Piggy Banks, which is a trend we also saw during the economic crisis in 2008.

The piggybanks are back 🐷

2. Mural imagery

Also, newspapers posted a lot of imagery of Murals. Most of the images contained the message to stay home and stay safe. Among the murals, there was one made by the famous artist Banksy, which received lots of engagement on Social Media.

Murals in big cities 🎨

3. Spring imagery

Then something that you would almost forget due to the Corona situation. It’s spring again! So news organizations shared lots of images of blossoming flowers, morning dew and the sunny weather.

It’s spring again! 🍃 ☀️

4. Running (alone) imagery

As a result of the good weather, lots of people couldn’t resist to go running outside. However, as the newspapers showed, most of the people listened to the authorities and decided to go running by themselves and/or to wear face masks.

Running by ourselves 🏃🏃‍♀️

5. Calculator imagery

Parallel to all the imagery that is posted of Piggy Banks, the Calculator is also an image object that is over-indexed due to the attention for topic such as Mortgage, Interest rates and Debts.

Calculators getting popular 🧮

All in all, the visual language of the news industry is changing dramatically. Also, the meaning behind the image is changing fundamentally. Images of cities are no longer the regular images you would expect. Instead of pictures of over-populated streets, you now see streets with no one there. In pictures of running people, the number of people decreased to 1 or 2. Moreover, emotions on faces are a lot harder to recognize these days because of the face masks people are wearing.

Therefore, it’s crucial to start monitoring the context in which visuals are published. Our Market Discovery tool helps you to do so. It tells you what type of imagery is trending and how brands are using it. Might you want to know more about the tool, you can reach out to us for a demo.